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  • Simple, Easy to Share Video Content

    Vine – Video Sharing App

    Twitter have just released this simple to use video sharing app. You hold your finger down on the screen whilst you want to record and can share up to 6 seconds of footage.

    This may be good to give little teaser glimpses of upcoming events, shows or to reveal things in real time as they happen.


    Download the Vine app.

  • Donate, Without Spending Anything

    Listen to Help

    This is a really sweet idea, Spotify pays artists when one of their tracks is played on their service. In this example they’ve replaced the artist with a charity, therefore when people listen they donate – without spending any money.

    A brilliant way of taking a fundamental part of an existing service and change what it is used for.

    Visit Listen to Help

  • Using Social Streams to To Buy and Sell


    Such an awesome platform for buying, selling and paying for things across Twitter and Instagram.

    To create a listing you have to go through the Chirpify platform, and anyone who’d like to buy your item needs to have an account, but then you can buy and sell things simply by posting on those networks.

    Content is increasingly becoming purchasable (no matter where it is posted) and more and more we see profiles being used to pay for items rather than cards or cash. Integrating it into social streams just seems to be the next step.

    Visit the Chirpify site…

  • Using Existing Behaviours to Collect Data


    A service which uses an existing service to collect data.

    One thing in the video struck me – the girl in the video can fill in her daily diary, around friends, as though she’s replying to a text. She doesn’t have to change any habits, or remember to do it, just reply. So simple.

    A similar framework could be used for anything where you need to track data to learn – for instance a diet diary, or fitness plan could use similar ideas.

    Find out more about Buddy…

  • Making Content Across the Web Shoppable


    In terms of creating and identifying purchasable items across the web this is ace.

    This works a little like Pinterest for a user, they can grab an image off any site and add it to the Crowdsend site, there they can either tag the products in the image or ask people what the products are, save them to say they want them, and see alternative products that people would recommend.

    They also allow you to create shoppable images by adding a line of script to your site – much like adding Google Analytics. So retailers or people who put images on their blogs for instance can tag the products in the image and earn money when people purchase those items through their site.

    By doing this they’re also creating a huge database of all the products across the web – so hopefully reducing the amount of duplicates they have and just get a library of images containing each item.

    Visit Crowdsend…

  • Navigate Using Your Eyes


    This proof of concept is a very quick example of how we could being to navigate content.
    At the moment they can react to you looking at the bottom or top of the iPad and scroll the page – but imagine if this gets more intelligent and could recognise exactly where you were looking and enlarge an image or go to more information based on where you are looking.

    Find out more about Gaze…

  • A Service to Subscribe to Offers


    A new way of subscribing to news and offers from a brand.

    This is a brilliant service for both customers and brands – you can follow or subscribe to brands through the service which then shows in a very ‘Pinterest style’ way the offers and new products that brand have launched.

    The awesome side of this is that you can sign up to or import existing newsletter subscriptions you have to brands, this pulls all those in and displays them in this format, clearing your inbox and showing you the relevant information from their emails.

    Find out more about Shopilly…

  • Use Sponsorship to Enable Fans To Contribute to an Event

    Barclaycard Voice Your Support

    An interesting use of a sponsorship – actually creating a whole interactive site dedicated to the event you are sponsoring, rather than adding your branding or message to their content.

    It makes a lot more sense to create something fans of that event are going to want to interact with – rather than coming between them and the event they are a fan of.

    It also utilises Twitter in a sweet way to allow fans to contribute to a vinyl of the band they’re supporting.

    Visit the Voice Your Support site…

  • Giving Vouchers and Lo-Fi Interactivity to Billboards

    Burt’s Bees

    Interesting method of giving out a voucher!

    Visually this idea is so relevant as well, as the woman goes from ‘flaking skin’ to smooth, but also a clever way of giving an outdoor ad a clearer action of the back of seeing it.

    A simple way this could be transferred is for FMCG, simply putting trial packs on the billboard would be enough to draw attention.